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Privacy Policy

Most countries have privacy laws that require website owners or app developers to have a privacy policy – a statement of your data collection – and to disclose that privacy policy to your visitors or users.

Privacy Policy

Canadian law requires websites to have a privacy policy if you are collecting or sharing personal information (e.g., names, e-mails, phone numbers, images) that could be used to identify a returning user according to The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Read more about PIPEDA by clicking here.

Privacy Policy


Using more advanced tools/functions on a website, i.e.  accepting personal information through contact forms or chat boxes, and the use of Google apps including maps typically requires a privacy policy under PIPEDA.

Trackers & analytics

The website uses 100+ analytical trackers (Wix website tools most likely) which typically requires a privacy policy under PIPEDA.


The existing privacy policy is lacking coverage – strongly consider having a new one created either by a professional or templated paid service.

Good Domain Name is a great domain name for digital marketing. It is short, easy to remember, Canadian focused, and has the main keywords in the name.


Consider using a domain registrar like Namecheap to manage domain, as it has good support, good prices and free privacy protection.

Too many links direct users off-site

Many links lead users off of the main website, including YouTube videos.


Consider unlinking certain sections to keep users engaged on your website instead of others. Also make sure to embed videos into the webpage so users don’t have to leave your site to view them.

PDF Forms - Not Mobile-Friendly

Including PDF forms for  website prospects can greatly reduce a user’s online experience, and lead to lost conversions as PDFs are not easily used on modern mobile devices. Additional steps of printing, signing, scanning or delivering documents make this problem more pronounced.


Consider updating these forms into digital forms, and even consider a payment portal so users can choose from a variety of payment methods (Google, Paypal, Credit, etc.).

Logo Design problems

Logo looks out of date and unclear brand principles, i.e. what fonts and colours are used, consistent types of images, icons, shapes, etc.


Create a more modern vector logo that is easy to read, incorporates a bit more colour, includes versions that can be used on different background types (i.e. light, dark, inverted colours, etc.) as well making sure it can be used in horizontal and vertical instances without issues for designers.

Additionally, aim to create basic brand guidelines at minimum, i.e. consistent fonts, colours, types of images, icons, shapes, etc.

Broken Links

Your Google Search results will be impacted by broken links. A website with an excessive number of broken links could suggest that it is being neglected or abandoned. Broken links are another factor considered by Google’s Search Quality Rating Guidelines when assessing a website’s quality, but as long as you keep an eye out for them and fix them as soon as Google alerts you to a problem, you should be able to maintain a high-quality website.


Update or remove any broken links on the website and submit the affected pages to Google Console so they can be reevluated and ranked.

No blog archive/pages

Website does not currently have any blogs or a blog archive which is an excellent way to generate content for SEO.


Design a good quality blog page archive, post template, and architecture to easily start generating content on a weekly/monthly basis to increase SEO.

Not enough content and keywords

Lack of content on homepage
Lack of content on service page


All pages should have more content and keywords. Service page should be expanded into templated pages for each individual service and location.

Secure Hosting Platform & Antivirus

The reputation and financial stability of your company could be seriously harmed by a hacked WordPress site. Hackers have the ability to take passwords, user data, install harmful software, and even spread malware to your users.

Antivirus protection

In March 2016, Google said that over 50 million website visitors have received alerts that the pages they were visiting might be infected with malware or contain data stealing software.

Additionally, each week Google blacklists 50,000 websites for phishing and 20,000 websites for malware.

As a business owner, it is your job to safeguard your company website, same as it is the responsibility of the business owner to protect their actual store facility.

Antivirus protection

Meta Tags - Missing Alt Tags, Page titles need improvement

“Page Titles” are crucial for effective SEO. These are the keywords words that make up the title in Google search results, as well as the tab title in your browser:

Images have empty “alt tags” which act as descriptors for when images are not able to load:


Create relevant page titles for each individual page, but do not “keyword stuff”. Also add alt tags to every image as these not only allow for more keywords, but search engines also see this as increasing the user experience and is therefore good for SEO.

High Quality

The core of your website’s design should be the production of high-quality content, and strategically employing relevant keywords.

Mobile Website Content

The correct audience is drawn to your website by high quality content, which engages them and encourages them to take action. The likelihood that a person will share something increases if they deem it valuable.

Producing worthwhile content boosts your website’s search engine ranking in addition to the user who reads it. Google determines page ranks in search engine result pages (SERPs) based on the quality of the content and related links.

Mobile Website Content

Page Speed

Mobile phone slowly loading website

Page speed is important to user-experience because faster pages are more efficient at content delivery. According to a recent Kissmetrics study, almost a quarter of consumers will click away and choose a new search result if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Over 45 percent of visitors say they are less inclined to make a purchase if an ecommerce site takes longer than expected to load (Shopify).

Mobile phone slowly loading website

Google Core
Web Vitals

Google has defined a set of metrics that website owners should focus on for optimization.

Using a tablet to browse a website with high-quality user experience

By defining these Core Web Vitals, Google aims to provide unified guidance for quality signals that they say are “essential to delivering a great user experience on the web” and that “Optimizing for quality of user experience is key to the long-term success of any site on the web.”

Google emphasizes the importance of Core Web Vitals over other metrics as they’re critical to all web experiences. Users’ expectations for web experiences can vary according to site and context, but many remain consistent regardless of where they are on the web.

Core Web Vitals are the user experience needs that all websites should be striving to meet. Specifically, Google identifies the core user experience needs as: loading, interactivity, and visual stability.

Using a tablet to browse a website with high-quality user experience

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